Wolters MICROLINE AC 1000

Ref : 586434
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Wolters
Model : MICROLINE AC 1000
Year(s) : 1987
Quantity : 1
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EUROPE (Western and Northern)
Last check : 28 Sep. 2018

Dual - Face Lapping Machine
Year 1987

Lapping wheels, Ø x thickness / act.thickness 1,000 x 65/50 mm
Lapping wheel width, upper and lower 300 mm
Distance between wheel surfaces, max. approx. 130 mm
Diameter of transportation wheels, approx. 350 mm
Diameter of pin ring 1.060 mm

Pressure of upper wheel, infinitely variable 0 – 1,000 daN

Speeds of wheels: Upper wheel 2 – 65 /min
Lower wheel 2 – 63 /min
Center drive / Pin wheel / Workpiece drive 2 – 60 /min

Spindle drive, each 5.5 kW
Total electrical load 15 kW - 400 V - 50 Hz
Weight 6,500 kg

Accessories / Special Features
* Siemens Type S5 Programmable Logic Control. Automatic program cycle supervises
the different speeds of the wheels and the workpiece drives in conjunction with various pressure steps and time intervals.
* Complete control and input of all process data is via a swivelling control panel with digital
displays for pressure, time, speeds, etc.; as well as a potentiometer for fine settings of the drive.
* Lapping of wheeldrives via infinitely variable transformer (RELIANCE).
* Interception device: Downwards speed is slowed just before the upper wheel touches the workpiece allowing a smooth landing.
* Automatic swing-out of upper arm at end of program. The arm can be clamped in any position, which is advantageous for work with axial displacement, or for dressing procedure.
* The actual built-on lapping wheels have straight slits
* Planetary drive, approx. 1.6 kW, with height adjustment of internal and external rims,
* 2-hand release.
* BKW Cooling Aggregate for the upper and lower lapping wheel coolant,
* separate centrifuge for cleaning the lapping agent, rinsing equipment for the working area,
* and many more accessories, some spare parts, etc.