Holzkraft FS 41 elite

Ref : 2214295-15-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Holzkraft
Model : FS 41 elite
Year(s) : 2017
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

Equipment details:
Tersa planer knife shaft
No more adjusting and screwing
Blade change in seconds
Particularly quiet running
The material feed
Helical-toothed steel feed rollers for a constant and even wood feed without marks
several teeth grip at the same time for powerful feed
Wear-free in contrast to rubber feed rollers
Fixed suction hood
Thanks to the permanently installed suction hood, you no longer have to re-plug the suction hose
This saves valuable working time
Simultaneous opening of the planing tables
Simultaneous folding up of the planing tables with tension spring support for quick and easy conversion to thicknessing in seconds
Thickness table adjustment
FS 41 elite s with thicknessing table adjustment via handwheel with integrated display
The thicknessing table is mounted on four large spindles, which guarantee maximum stability under all working conditions.
Thanks to the special lifting device, the table position remains perfectly even without locking.
Kickback protection
Solid kickback protection prevents workpieces from kicking back
The 4-knife shaft ensures an optimal planing pattern
Anodized dressing fence made of aluminum
Large dimensions (1200 x 150 mm)
Easily moved
Tiltable from 90 ° to 45 ° using a scale
With auxiliary stop as standard for safe planing even of narrow workpieces
Digital execution
With electric thicknessing table height adjustment and digital display
Scope of delivery:

Dressing and joining fence with round rod guide
2 feed speeds
Tersa cutterblock

Technical specifications
Total length of the tables 2200 mm
Planer length task table
Dressing table height
Planer working width 410 mm
Dressing chip removal max. 5 mm
Planer dimensions planer fence 1200 x 150 mm
Planer swivel range of planer fence
Thick dimensions thickness table 775 x 410 mm
Thick working height at least 3 mm
Thick working height max 240 mm
Thick working length min.
Thick feed speeds 6/12 m / min
Planer shaft speed 5000 1 / min
Planer shaft diameter 95 mm
Planing knife number 4 pcs.
Electrical connection 400V / 50Hz
Motor power5.0 kW
Dimensions (L x W) 2250 x 1440 mm
Extraction nozzle diameter 1 x 120 mm
Weight 450 kg

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