Skoda Engine Lathe Variable SRM 125/4000

Ref : 2199541-3-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Skoda
Type : Engine Lathe
Spindle Speed : Variable
Model : SRM 125/4000
Year(s) : -
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Central and Eastern)

Škoda SRM 125/4000

Description: Machine after complete overhaul. The design of this lathe enables both piece production and small
series production, roughing and precise finishing work, turning of threads, cones, internal and external radii,
turning of shaped rotary workpieces in CNC control. The drive box of the spindle drive has 3 mechanical stages by
means of hydraulic cylinders with switchboards - valves controlled from PLC. A fixed 1: 3 gear ratio is provided in
front of the drive housing to increase the torque by means of a toothed belt. An emergency brake is located on the
input shaft of the drive box. SIEMENS 1PH7 39kW main motor with stepless speed control in a given mechanical
stage. The longitudinal movement of the machine support "Z" axis is a ball screw axially preloaded in "ZARN"
type bearings and a Siemens 1FK 7-101 servomotor with backlash-free planetary gearbox, the "X" axis cross travel
is a ball screw and a Siemens 1FK 7-060 servomotor with backlash-free planetary gearbox. SIEMENS SINUMERIK
828D CNC control. Measuring the position of the tool with Heidenhain LC 185, LC 495 absolute rulers. Circulating
diameter above the bed 1250 mm. Circulating diameter above the slide 900 mm. Tip distance 4000 mm. Clamping
plate diameter 1250 mm. Accessories 2 bezels. More info on request. Max workpiece weight 14000 kg. Machine
weight approx. 16,000 kg.

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