Type : Auction
Ref : Gruber & Kaja High Tech Metals GmbH
Industry : Machine Tools
Location : Austria
Starts at : Dec, 1
Ends at : Feb, 28

Production line with two machining centres, 1x FILL 5-axis MC, 1x FANUC 3-axis MC.
Capacity 250.000 pc/year

Consisting of :
Lot 38 CNC Machining Center Fill SM-02 (2009)
Project no. 50 / 00414-0, 5 machining axes, 2x 2 motor spindles, each power 26 kW, 2 tool changer type MTM 50, each 32-fold, HSK 63a, workpiece carriage m. Rotary table, m. 2 workpiece carriers, swiveling (4 u. 5. axis), the tool control point, chip conveyor, Mfg. Knoll, Type 450 K-3, Bj. 2009 Ser 403100, coolant system, Mfg. Knoll, type KF900, Bj. 2011, Ser 473941, m. Band filter and coolant unit, Mfg. Hyfra, type TRK +270 EF-S, year 2011, Fabr control made by Siemens, Sinumerik 810D (Powerline), cabinets, running platforms, number of pieces produced: 1.8 million, housing

Lot 38/1 Pick & Place Robot ABB IRB6640-185/2.80 (2009)
Ser.-Nr. 66-63259, m. Cabinet, type IRC5, Ser 66-63260, operator panel, Mfg. Keba, Operating | h. 64778
Lot 38/2 Pick & Place Robot ABB IRB6640-185/2.80 (2009)
Ser.-Nr. 66-63260, m. Cabinet, type IRC5, Ser 66-63259, operator panel, Mfg. Keba, Operating | h. 69984

Lot 38/3 camera surveillance Autforce 16A1H (Proj. Lunkerprüfung)
Special construction, dam. 6 camera units, Mfg. Kodak, each with 8 megapixels, QR code marking lasers, Mfg. Panasonic, LP-Z256-C, 25 watts, annulation, Mfg. Aigner, type Handyjet XL car, Bj. 2015, Ser.- No. 04/52306

Lot 38/4 contineous cleaning system BVL DTK-2TR/500/500/5/5.440 (2009)
Ser.-Nr. 2475, passage width 480 mm, u 1 per washing. Rinsing tank, hot air dryer, cabinet, control, Mfg. Siemens Simatic S7, Betriebsstd. 55 666, component-turning device, 2 jigs, m. jew. m 10 Einspannzylindern, clipboards. 8 Abkühlplätzen, suction m. Ölabcheider
Lot 38/5 Label Printer CAB 4L/300-2
Ser.-Nr. 3880/3879/3878

Lot 38/6 Press/Screw Unit Fill Sonderbau (Dichtflansch)
Parts vibratory conveyor, Fabr, Stoger, 2-part, m. Base, screwing, pressing unit type QMP80, 2-axis handling system cabinet, the finished part conveyor system, m. Pallet rotation, belt conveyors 3, L / B 2.500 x 450 mm / 4,000 mm x 450 / 5,000 x 850 mm, control system

Lot 38/7 Dichtheitsprüfstation Fill Sonderbau
consisting of: 2 test chambers, two evaluation units, fab Ateq, F520.
Lot 39 Jib crane Konecranes
Max lifting capacity. 500 kg

Lot 40 CNC vertical machining center Fanuc Robodrill Alpha-D21 LIA5 (2015)
Ser.-Nr. P158YH081, control, Mfg. Fanuc, type B5, 3 axes, spindle speed max. 24,000 U / min, 21 m-tool changer, tool breakage monitoring, parts voltage. Circulation control, hours. Operating hours. 9,615, weight 2200 kg (without coolant system u. Chip conveyor)

Lot 40/1 Pick & Place Robot ABB IRB6640-106352 (2014)
Ser.-Nr. 6640-106352, cabinet type IRC5, Ser 6640-106352, operator panel, Mfg. Keba, Operating hours. 13323

Lot 40/2 parts supply
spec. of: 2 belt conveyors, L / B 7.000 x 395 mm, belt conveyor / xB 4,000 x 395 mm, belt conveyor, L / B 2.500 x 450 mm, undercarriage, cabinet, m. Touch Panel, Mfg. Siemens, type Simatik HMI

Lot 40/3 Electrical Cabinet (ex. Automation) Siemens Simatik HMI
m. touch panel

Lot 40/4 Flatness Control, Station Fill
Custom Built

Lot 40/5 Electr. Cabinet (ex. Total control) Siemens Simatik Panel PC
m. touch panel