Over 250 Items Available - Milling Centres, CNC Turning, Lab Equipment & More

Type : Auction
Ref : GE Birr OEF Integration
Industry : Machine Tools
Location : Switzerland
Starts at : Jan, 1
Ends at : Jan, 17

. Milling Center Burkhardt und Weber 1
. Milling Center Mandelli Spark
. Rotating machine Mazak QT10
. Sawing machine Kasto
. Milling Center Burkhardt und Weber 2
. Starrag HX 151
. Wet scrubber
. Milling Center Starrag SX 051B
. Milling Center HSTM 1500
. Measuring Machine
. Milling Center
. Bind_tie machine
. Foil Film Machine
. Polisher machine
. Roll Gross
. Roll klein
. Roll machine
. Electrical tool _ Hi-Hoiki Corder
. Electrical tool - isolation trafo
. Electrical tool - Regeltrafo - current transformer
. Electrical tool - Current Clamp
. Electrical Tool _ Metrahit18C_thermogun_hygrometer
. Electrical Tool _ Unomat_Calibrator
. Electrical Tool _ Eex_Unomat_Calibrator_Osciliscope_TDS
. Electrical Tool _ Minipince I _ Clamp_Fluke DP120
. Glue Araldite
. Cable connector
. Pliers
. Solder material
. Electrical Tool _Unomat_loop Calibrator_hygrometer
. Press Eumuco
. Radial Drilling Machine
. Honing Machine
. Spare Parts Package for Milling Center Starrag SX 051B
. Spare Parts Package for Milling Center Starrag HX151
. Spare Parts Package for Milling Center Burkhardt & Weber
. Spare Parts Package for Milling Center HSTM 1500
. Alu Saw Pedrazzoli B300
. Ultrasonic testing system
. Labor Multimeter
. Baro
. Fuel Sample Bottle (Oil)
. Vacuum Pump
. Fuses
. Cable Binder (red)
. Safety Testing Wire
. Torx _ Hexagon Tools
. Personal Protective Equipment
. Pressure calibrator
. JET ProMac Cross-cut saw for steel
. EMCO Super 11 CD conventional turning lathe
. EMCO FB-3 conventional milling machine
. Pro Mac FX-3882 box column drill
. ProJet 3500HD 3D polymer printer
. Measuring Machine Center Max
. Measuring Machine Prismo 7
. US Testing Machine Amdata
. Condecta Container
. PEENMATIC Micro 620S
. Thickness Tester _ Stablamp_Auxiliary_Bag
. IBS Resistor/Capacitor Set
. U-Tube Manoflex 1.2m
. Pepper & Fuchs Module
. CAB Label Printer
. Gas Divider Sonimix
. Shelves
. Netzverteilfilter _ Canon Camera 18C
. Pumps
. ST13TNiel material
. Sandblasting cell DEMA SK 500 EP
. 32 kW heater and control
. Agilent 34972A LXI Data Acquisition/Swtch Box
. Agilent Datalogger and cards
. Air Heater and Power Supply
. Air Heater, 32kW + Control
. Air Heaters and Controls
. Belenos Control System
. Belenos DAQ Rack
. Belenos DAQ Rack element
. Belenos Exhaust stacks
. Belenos air preheaters
. Bronkhorst mass flow meters/controlers
. Butterfly Valves
. Camera Imaging System - High Resolution
. Color Camera + Lens
. Compression Station
. Electric Motor
. Emersion Cabinet & WS
. Emissions System
. Extruded Aluminum Assorted
. FLIR IR Camera X6540SC
. FLIR ThermaCAM SC3000
. Fixing elements
. Flanges
. Flexible air tubes
. Flow Metering Skid
. Gas Chromatograph
. Geblase 3a
Geblase 3a - loki
Geblase CO2 recirculation
Heater Elements
Heater panel - belenos
Heater panel - loki
High Pressure pump
High pressure Tubes
Hose clamps
Hoses for Air flows
Hydrogen Supply Control System
Kaser Air Compressor
Keller 1 bar pressure tranducers
Keller 100 bar Pressure trandsucers
Keller pressure transducer (water), differential
Kistenmeier storage system
LOKI Emissions Systems
Lecroy Wavejet 354A
Loki Combustion exhaust blower 2
Loki Exhaust Stack
Loki combustion air preheaters
Lot of Keller Pressure transducers (gas)
Lot of Keller Pressure transucers
Lot of Keller pressure transducers (High Range)
Lot of Keller pressure transducers (Low Range)
Microphone Brüel & Kjaer
Mass flow controllers
Munk D400 Power Supply
PVC Tubes
PVC holes
PVC hoses
PVC hoses for Air flows
PVC tubes
PVC tubes, Valves, Bends
PVC valves
Pallet storage racks
Pele Blower Air Inlet Filters
Pele Exhaust Stack
Pele data acquisition system
Pressure Scanner
Pressure Systems NetScanner
Pressure Systems Netscanner (GPH90107)
Pressure Systems Netscanner (GPH90639)
Pressure Transducers (GPH90428 - 90574)
Propane Tank
Pulse Welder
Roots and Turbine flow meters
Small Ventilators
Smoke generator
Sound Level Meter
Submersed pumps
Swagelock Tubes
Syngas/Steam Generation Unit
Tube Bends and junctions
Tube clamps
Tube clamps and compensators
UV Light Generator
Various steel pipe components
Various tubes connections
Verdichter D - Compressor - Belenos
Volpi Lights and Light guides
Water Hoses
Water Tank A
Water Tank B
Water channel Equipment
Workbench Flow Lab 2
Lot of Keller Pressure transducers (gas)
Ipevo PM770 S Shot Peen Cabinet
Ruwac NA35 Wet Separation Vacuum
Sigg Strahltechnik TR70 Blasting Cabinet
Spare Lot
Termotek P802 Laser Chiller
Termotek P805 Laser Chiller
Vodex SUKKER Downdraft Table
Voetsch VTU 75/100 Drying Oven
Hydraulic pump
Water Chiller
Cooling Aggregate
Vacuum pump
Oven with Air Recirculation
Drying Oven
Fume Cupboard for Chemical Laboratory
Band saw
Impact test equipment
Box column drill
Chemical Board Lab
Double Fume Cupboard for Chemical Laboratory
Drying Oven
Vacuum Drying Oven VD 115
Oven with N2 atmosphere
Oven with Air Recirculation
Creepage Current Testing Equipment
Pilot Coater & Equipment
Cooling Container
Oven with shaking device
Repulse Insulation Test Equipment
Starrag HX 151
Table drilling machine
Grinding machine for drills etc
Lathe “Cazeneuve”
HF-Generator Pulstherm
Tool cabinet with multiple cutting tools
Portable sinking EDM machine
Wet grinding machine
Glove box
Electrode drying oven Kueppersbusch
Table circular saw
Clothes locker
Bench drilling machine Aciera10T
Bench drilling machine Aciera 6T
Table pillar drilling machine Folly