Weingartner SINUMERIK 840 D-powerline 1000 min-1 MPMC 1200S-8000 4 Axis

Ref : 2109288-3-AW
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Weingartner
Controller : SINUMERIK 840 D-powerline
Spindle Speed : 1000 min-1
Model : MPMC 1200S-8000
Nb Of Axis : 4 Axis
Year(s) : 2010
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
EUROPE (Western and Northern)

CNC Lathe WEINGAERTNER MPMC 1200S-8000 2010

control: SINUMERIK 840 D-powerline
EXW Kleinostheim
Technical Equipment/Features
working area:
Turning Ø over bed and slide 1.380 mm
Turning Ø over steady rest slide 1.150 mm
Length (incl. horizontal machining) 8.000 mm
turning length 9.000 mm
Height of rotary axis above floor 1.250 mm
travel z-axis 10.000 mm
Weight between chuck and tailstock 16.000 kg
- between chuck, tailstock and steady rest 20.000 kg
head stock:
power at rotary operation - 103 kW
Driven by AC main spindle motor with automatic gearbox (i = 4:1)
Drive power at the spindle 103 kW
Total speed range 0-1.000 min-1
Speed range I 0-250 min-1
Speed range II 250-1.000 min-1
Spindle nose DIN 55026 Größe 15
Max. Torque range I 13.116 Nm
Max. Torque range II 3.279 Nm
Holding torque of the brake 10.000 Nm

C-Achse-positioning mode
Drive by AC servo motor with bevel worm gear, gearbox will be hydro-mechanically coupled for C-axis operation
Measuring system resolution +/- 0,001°
Max. Torque 8.200 Nm
Speed range 0-20 min-1
Max. Rotation speed 120°/sec
Accuracy (incremental installation angle measuring system) +/3°
travel, feeds:
Travel Z-axis 10.000 mm
Travel X-axis 1.300 mm
Travel Y-axis 800 mm
Rapid traverse Y-X-Z 20 m/min
Feed force Z-axis 70 kN
Feed force Y-/X-axis 46 kN
Measuring systems X-, Y- and Z-axis are linear scale
Universal-Turning/Milling Unit DFE-G-1200/52 kW:
milling drive
AC main spindle motor 52 kW
Automatic gearbox 4:1
Torque Gear range I 1.300 Nm
Torque Gear range II 325 Nm

B-axis - CNC swivel axis
Swivelling range theoretically 360°
Max. Swivel speed 90 °/sec
Max. Torque in interpolation 6.200 Nm
Holding torque clamping B-axis 20.000 Nm
Accuracy (angle measuring system) +/- 3°

Turn-Mill-Head PDFK HSK A 125 T
Transmittable torque 1.500 Nm
Transmittable power 52 kW
Speed range 0-3.000 min-1
Tool holder HSK 125
Spindle clamping in turning operation via Hirth gear with 2.5° pitch
Holding torque 1.950 Nm
Internal coolant supply max. 80 bar 50l/min
Internal air supply 6 bar
tool magazine and tool manipulator:
external tool magazine HSK A 125 T
Taper size HSK 125
Number of tool places 120
Tool length max. 1.000 mm
Tool-Ø max. with free sub-places 310 mm
Tool-Ø max. with occupied sub-places 125 mm
Tool weight max. 35 kg

tool magazine for long tools (deep-hole-drilling tools or boring bars)
Number of boring bar adapters 4 Stück
Diameter max. 160 mm
Max. tool length 1.450 mm

tool manipulator HSK A 125 T - CNC controlled shuttle with double gripper unit
Rapid traverse 100 m/min
Tool length with double gripper cycle 550 mm
Tool length with single gripper cycle 1.000 mm
2 pieces NC-positionable steady rest slides:
equipped with 2 pieces self-centering steady rests make SMW
Clamping ranges steady rest 1 200-600 mm
Clamping ranges steady rest 2 300-800 mm
Quick-change three-point roller steady rests incl. water flushing on the lever arms, incl. adapter for quick-change mechanism, piping and quick-change coupling.
1 piece power chuck:
Hydraulic power chuck make SMW, KNCS-NB 800
Hydraulic clamping cylinder with travel-dependent monitoring
tailstock NC-positionable:
Positioning speed max. 17,5 m/min
quill diameter 300 mm
Quill stroke 300 mm
Internal taper 6 MK
Length x width x height ca.. 18 x 5,5 x 4,75 m
Machine weight ca. 101.000 kg

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