Okuma OSP-U10G 750 rpm GI-20N 2WS 2 Axis

Ref : 2334258-3-MT
Condition : Used
Manufacturer : Okuma
Controller : OSP-U10G
Spindle Speed : 750 rpm
Model : GI-20N 2WS
Nb Of Axis : 2 Axis
Year(s) : 2001
Quantity : 1
Location : Seller or machines location:
ASIA (North East)

MFG Year 2001

Comment Control:OSP-U10G
Year: 2001(overhauled by OKUMA in 2010)
Grindable bore dia. area:φ5~300 /(only φ300 grindstone with φ100 spec)
Gridable outside dia. area:φ200/ grindstone withφ100 dia.
Grindable work length:200mm
Grindable chuck jaw dia::φ300mm + grindstone dia.
Swing inside cover:φ400mm
Work length:200mm
Work weight×length:150 ~ 200kg-mm
Spindle nose dia:φ100mm   
Spindle bore:φ70mm
Spindle speed:100~750rpm
Number of spindle speed(C-axis):non-stage(available by NC program)
Work headstock turning angle:10 deg.
Infeeder device travel (XA-axis):50 backward, 150 forward
Table travel(ZA-axis):500mm
Grindstone turning angle:5 deg. 
Grindstone right-and-left travel:350mm
Grindstone modification device travel (outer dia.):rapid traversse 70(air drive)
Machine height:2,000mm
Required floor space: 3,330 x 3,660 mm
Machine weight:4,800kg
High frequency drive grindstone axis:2 sets
HQ307:15,000 ~ 30,000rpm
HQ157:9,000 ~ 15,000rpm
Grindstone modification device
Paper filters and tank with magnet separator
9-inch 3-jaw scroll chuck
Swing type automatic end grinding device

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